Yellow Milk Jug

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Product Description: Slip cast porcelain milk carton jug with a bright & sunny yellow glaze.

Handmade in my Bristol studio using high quality materials and traditional ceramic making skills.

Each product is unique and may vary slightly from the photos shown here as no two are identical!

Commissions welcome!

Medium size:
14cm x 6cm x 6cm (volume 350 ml)

Care Instructions: Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Genuine 'Handmade in Bristol' ceramics by Hanne Rysgaard.

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Image of Rainbow Milk Jug
Rainbow Milk Jug
Image of Mixed Polkadot Milk Jug
Mixed Polkadot Milk Jug
Image of Lady Milk Jug
Lady Milk Jug
Image of Polkadot Milk Jug
Polkadot Milk Jug
Image of MILK Jug
Image of Cow Face Milk Jug
Cow Face Milk Jug
Image of Cows On Grass Milk Jug
Cows On Grass Milk Jug
Image of Milk Jugs
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Milk Jugs
Image of M Æ L K Jug
M Æ L K Jug
Image of Cows Milk Jug
Cows Milk Jug
Image of Pimpernel Milk Jug
Pimpernel Milk Jug
Image of Willow Pattern Milk Jug
Willow Pattern Milk Jug
Image of Drippy Gold & Cherubs Milk Jug
Drippy Gold & Cherubs Milk Jug
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